Emmie's Cimarron Grill
Mt. Perry's Only Restaurant ​


                    Our Hours      
                     Monday thru Saturday
                     11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

                      Sunday  Closed
     We Accept All Major Credit Cards

                       Our Specials

Side Free With Sandwich
Two For One Shake Night
1 Topping Large Pizza $6.00
Two For One Side Night
Buy One Get 2nd 1/2 Parfaits 
Free 2 Liter With Pizza Order 

Friday Dec. 1st and Saturday Dec. 2nd
                   11 am until 9pm
           Buy one Pizza get one Free!
          Buy one Shake get one Free! 
    Yummy cupcakes free all day long!!
        3 Door Prizes Given Away On                            Dec1 & Dec.2
           Each Order Is An Entry.
   1- A Free 3 Topping Pizza Every Friday For 3 Weeks
    2- A  Free Burger & Shake Every Friday  For 3 Weeks
    3- A  Free Sub & Parfait Every Friday  For 3 Weeks

​Celebrate With Us! 1



 You could add double meat on any sub for $1.75

​Chicken Bacon

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director


  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director



Emmie's Pizzas 

Our Pizza Sauce & Dough Are Home-Made Fresh Daily!

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  1. Calzone
    Our calzones are made from our 12" home-made pizza dough., every sub can be made into a calzone ingredients. $6.25
  2. Chicken Bacon Ranch
    Small 12" $13.00 Medium 14" $15.00 Large 16" $17.00 Crisp strips of bacon, mozzarella cheese & layered with ranch, lettuce, tomato & fresh diced chunk white meat chicken
    Chicken Bacon Ranch
  3. BLT
    Small 12" 18.00 Medium 14" $20.00 Large 16" $22.00 Crisp strips of bacon, mozzarella cheese & layered with mayo, lettuce & tomato. With a top crust made with the same ingredients. (marinara sauce by request) One of our Top Sellers!
  4. Cheese Pizza
    12 " 7.00 14" 8.00 16" 9.00
    Cheese Pizza

Cheese Pizza  

          Additional Toppings

Small    12"              Medium 14"          Large 16"
   $7.00                                             $8.00                              $9.00
         Small 12"   .65       Medium 14"  .75     Large 16"   .85​​

             Mozzarella Cheese    Mexican Cheese   

       Anchovies      Bacon      Chicken     Canadian Bacon           
       Italian Sausage   Hamburger     Pepperoni      Salami        

     Jalapenos     Banana, Green &  Red Peppers  Onions

      Black & Green Olives     Pineapple     Mushrooms        

​         The Supernatural Pie

             An All Inspiring Sam & Dean Winchester favorite, Pie! An Awesome 18" cheese & pepperoni stuffed crust pizza pie, with double bacon & pepperoni on each slice.  $17.33